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This page features some of my personal artworks. These are sometimes science-inspired, sometimes not. I also share here my motivations, inspirations and sneak peeks on artworks I am currently working on. Discover behind-the-scenes of my art – snippets of science included!

Kiss and oxytocin - artwork by IlluScientia

I felt like creating something that conveys love and passion and bonding. I studied the way painters represented kissing. No two kisses are same. No two artworks representing a kiss evoke precisely the same feelings. So to come up with my own vision of a kiss and through it a passionate and loving relationship …more on “Kiss and …”

Smart Women Bend Spacetime - Girl Reading - original artwork by IlluScientia 2015

Some time ago I read a book entitled “Les femmes qui lisent sont dangereuses” (roughly in English: “Women that read are dangerous”) by L. Adler and S. Bollmann. It is a beautiful art book showing paintings of women while reading and thus retracing the history of the female access to reading, books and education. This book inspired me to create my own take of a woman reading… more on “Smart women …”

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