Kiss and Oxytocin

I felt like creating something that conveys love and passion and bonding. I studied the way painters represented kissing. No two kisses are same. No two artworks representing a kiss evoke precisely the same feelings. So to come up with my own vision of a kiss and through it a passionate and loving relationship, I drew and drew and drew …

Here are some colour choices along with the final line art ready for a scan:

Final line art for "Kiss and Oxytocin" artwork by IlluScientia 2016

Final line art in ink by IlluScientia

As you see, my kissing couple is practically gender neutral and this is by choice. I decided to show a kiss in a minimalistic way. I often work in mixed media, starting with traditional drawings, then switching to digital tools and sometimes even going back to traditional media for finishing touches.

Being scientifically inclined, I wanted to include a hint to the biochemistry of feelings and give the final artwork a science-inspired twist. Many neurotrasmitters like serotonin, dopamine or endorphins are said to be responsible at least partially for the biochemistry of our feelings but my personal favourite turned out to be a hormone. Oxytocin is supposed to participate in many different processes related to human bonding and relationships. I used parts of its stylised 2D structural formula in my image. I like particularly the S-S (Sulfur-Sulfur) bridge in its structure :-).

So here it is: my final image “Kiss and oxytocin”:

Kiss and Oxytocin - science-inspired artwork by IlluScientia

Kiss and Oxytocin – science-inspired artwork in mixed media by IlluScientia

There is also another more general hint to biology in this image. Can you find it?

Hope you like it!

P.S. In case you really, really like it ;-), “Kiss and oxytocin” is available for purchase from now on in a limited edition of art prints, posters or postcards shipped from Germany or art prints and other items like phone cases and laptop skins shipped from US. Huge thanks in advance!

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