Smart women bend spacetime

Some time ago I read a book entitled “Les femmes qui lisent sont dangereuses” (roughly in English: “Women that read are dangerous”) by L. Adler and S. Bollmann. It is a beautiful art book showing paintings of women while reading and thus retracing the history of the female access to reading, books and education. This book inspired me to create my own take of a woman reading.

I wished to show a girl or a young woman that wants to understand better the world around her and is curious about the nature of things. She is reading an interesting book that I am tempted to think, is about physics…

Preparatory sketches for an artwork "Smart women bend spacetime" - by IlluScientia

Preparatory sketches for the artwork “Girl reading”. On the left sketches in pencil to study the position and the anatomy of hands, on the right the finished drawing ready for a scan – by IlluScientia

My scientific leanings have given the story a further twist. Women that read can be indeed dangerous. Even so much as to warp and bend the curvature of spacetime! By pure coincidence (but that’s the beauty of it, right?), when I was working on this personal project, we were just about to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s publication on relativity!

So this is how my artwork “Smart women bend spacetime” has been born. This is how I see a reading lady:

Smart Women Bend Spacetime - Girl Reading - original artwork by IlluScientia 2015

Smart Women Bend Spacetime – Girl Reading – original artwork in mixed media by IlluScientia 2015

Smart women bend spacetime! And that’s a fact!

If you like it, you can purchase it as a limited series of art prints, posters or postcards shipped from Germany or art prints and other items like phone cases and laptop skins shipped from US. Huge thanks in advance!

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